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For those who appreciate coziness, comfort and tranquility!

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This statistics and cookies policy governs the use of the statistics services on , as well as cookies and other similar technologies.

Please read this policy carefully. By continuing to use , you, the User, agree to the terms and conditions set out in this policy. If you do not agree to them, do not use this site.

This Policy on statistical data and cookies (hereinafter – “Policy”) is adopted by Limited Liability Company “PARADIS”, a legal entity under the laws of the Russian Federation, OGRN: 1202100008131, TIN: 2130221639 (hereinafter – “Company”), being the administrator of the Internet site (hereinafter – “Site”).

1. Statistical Services

1.1 Statistic Services means web analytics tools, online ratings and other tools (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Statistic Services”) used to assess the Site traffic, popularity of the Site as a whole and its individual sections among the target audience, to study consumer preferences, the level of demand for individual products or product categories, to select relevant advertising and to solve other similar tasks of marketing and analytical nature.

1.2 As a rule, the Company uses Statistical Services provided by leading Internet corporations, such as:


Google Analytics

1.3. Connection of the Site to Statistic Services is carried out in a strictly standard way, which is provided by the rules of the corresponding Statistic Service. In most cases for this purpose the programme code (script) provided by the Statistics Service is added to the software code of the Site. The script provides for the Statistical Service the possibility to collect directly the information necessary for work. The Company does not independently collect and transfer information for processing to Statistic Services in any other way or for any purposes different from those stated in p.1.1 of this Policy.

1.4 The principle of operation of the Statistical Services is to collect data on visits to the Website and activity of Internet users (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Users” and individually referred to as “User”). In particular, the Statistical Services may record and process information about previously visited sites, version and type of browsers, operating systems and devices of Users, language settings, time zone, displays and other settings of Users’ devices, supported version of Flash-plugin, presence and support of JavaScript, cookies, geographical regions from where Users visit the Site, Users’ intended interests, page views, time spent on the Site, file downloads and other data (hereinafter – “Statistical Information”).

1.5 Statistical information shall be collected only in an impersonal form and processed in aggregated (generalised) form, i.e. Statistical information cannot be attributed to a directly or indirectly defined or identifiable natural person. In order to exclude the possibility of identifying Users as specific natural persons, the Company never discloses to the Statistical Services personal data of Users, which may be known to the Company in accordance with the Policy on personal data processing. In particular, the Company never discloses to Statistic Services personal data used to provide a personal account on the Website, order, realisation and delivery of goods, purchase of services, as well as used for other legitimate purposes.

1.6 The Company can get access to the Statistical Information through personal accounts provided by Statistical Services. In this case Statistical Information is provided to the Company in processed and aggregated (summarised) form in the form of reports. The Company may process the said Statistical Information only for the purposes set forth in clause 1.1. of this Policy.

1.7. The Company is not able to influence the processes of processing of Statistical Information by Statistical Services, including determining the specific ways of such processing, as well as giving instructions to Statistical Services.

2. Cookies, web beacons and other means of obtaining Statistical Information

2.1. Statistical Services may use various technical means to obtain Statistical Information, including cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, Java scripts and others.

2.2 Cookies are small text files that are saved on the device used by the User to work with the Site (personal computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). These files may contain information that is necessary for the operation of the Statistics Services or the Site. For example, information about browser settings, pages viewed, Site interface settings, etc. Statistical Services generally use cookies for the following purposes: technical (to support the operation of the Statistical Service); analytical (to study the behaviour and interests of the Site’s audience and other indicators of the Site’s position in the online retail market); commercial (marketing and advertising). More detailed background information about cookies can be found here: //

2.3 Web beacons are graphic files of minimum size (1 pixel). Such a file can be downloaded by the User’s browser together with the Website. Web beacons are used to obtain technical information about the User’s device, e.g. operating system, time of opening and uploading the Site, IP address, etc. Web beacons may also be used to deliver cookies to the User’s device.

2.4. IP-addresses are unique network addresses, by means of which two-way information exchange is provided between the User’s device and the servers hosting the Internet sites. Statistic services can use IP-addresses for accounting the number of visits to the Website, the number of accesses to the Website pages and for other statistical purposes.

2.5. Java-script is a programme code provided by the Statistical Services and placed on the Internet sites. For example, Java-script allows keeping records of events and activities that occur on the Website without changing the URL of the Website (for example, events that are not related to the transition from one web page to another or from one website to another website).

2.6 The Company uses cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the Site, in particular to fulfil the following tasks:

– technical tasks, for example: providing registration and authentication of Users in personal accounts, organising navigation on the Site, providing protection against information security threats. Saving cookies for these tasks is mandatory for Users using the Site, as otherwise its normal functioning may be disrupted. Such disruptions, among other things, may entail information security risks (for example, hacker attacks on the Site or attempts to illegally access Users’ personal accounts);

– functional tasks, for example: formation of shopping basket, search and selection of suitable goods, use of personal settings of the Site interface for Users.

2.7 Cookies specified in this Policy shall not contain personal data of the User.

3. Cancellation of cookies

3.1 The User has the right to refuse to accept cookies on his device at his own will. To do so, the User may refuse to use the Site or enter the appropriate settings in their browser. Most modern browsers and Internet security software support the possibility of complete, partial or selective blocking of cookies and other technical means used to obtain statistical information, as well as deleting previously stored cookies. In this regard, the User is advised to examine the security settings on his/her device and select the preferred options himself/herself. The settings may be implemented differently in each browser. The User should refer to the “Help” or “Help” section of his/her browser and check the settings of the firewall programme (if any). In case of refusal to accept cookies and use other technical means, the Company for technical reasons cannot guarantee Users that they will be able to use all functions of the Site, including ordering goods and services by all methods provided on the Site.

Descriptions of the settings of the most popular browsers are available at the following links:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Yandex Browser

3.2 Some Statistical Services provide Users with an opportunity to declare that Users do not want the Statistical Services to take into account their activity (always or in some cases). This can be done via the following links:

Google Analytics

Yandex services

4. Technical protection of Statistical Information

4.1 To ensure maximum protection of any valuable information, the Company implements requirements for the protection of Statistical Information held by the Company, which comply with the requirements specified in the Policy on Personal Data Processing on the Internet.

5. Making changes

5.1 Users should periodically check the current version of this Policy. The Company has the right to make changes that come into effect from the date of publication of the new version of the Policy on the Website.

6. Contact Information

6.1 You can always get more information about the operation of the Statistical Services, cookies and other technical means used on the Site, as well as send a claim or appeal (if necessary) to the following contact details:


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